All Construction Site Risk insurance

We don't have to tell you how complex and risky construction can be: you are confronted with different parties, new laws and standards, unpredictable weather conditions, ... and, moreover, building is no easy matter technically. As a result, it is not always easy to identify the exact cause or liable party or parties in the event of damage, which often leads to lengthy and costly legal proceedings. If the building is not yet completed, the situation is often made even more difficult because the construction site is not progressing and additional costs are incurred.

The All Construction Site Risks insurance offers a solution: this formula insures all parties in one policy. This way you can be sure of a compensation and there is no discussion about its distribution.


Who is the policyholder and who is insured?

  • Insured: all construction parties (client, contractors, architect, engineers, safety coordinators)
  • Policyholder: it is recommended for the client to take out the policy (so he has control of the policy while making sure the policy is tailored to the building he envisions), but the contractor can also do so.

What is insured?

Section 1: Material damage to the construction itself
In the event of damage in section 1, there is no search for the liable party, as a result of which the damage is arranged fairly quickly and the work can be continued quickly.

  • Damage due to force majeure (thunderstorms, floods, storms...)
  • Damage due to fire and explosion
  • Qualified theft or vandalism
  • Extensions always included: incorrect building part (damage due to calculation or conceptual error or lack of material) and demolition and disposal costs
  • Possible expansion: existing good

Section 2: Damage to third parties as a result of the work
Section 2 guarantees the repair of the damage to third parties as a result of the insured work.

  • Neighbours’ house collapses when contractor excavates foundations
  • A crane falls over and damages the neighbour’s house
  • Possible extensions: cross liability, damage due to vibrations, damage due to reduction of groundwater level

For which period are you insured?

The building-assembly-test period starts when the works commence and ends at the time of provisional acceptance, occupation or start-up of the construction After provisional acceptance, the maintenance period starts (limited maintenance of 12 months or extensive maintenance of 24 months).

What is the insured amount?

This is the sum of all contracting contracts, including fees, as well as non-recoverable VAT, and is determined provisionally at the time the policy is taken out.