Warranty insurance - Renovation of facades

A contractor is expected, thanks to high-quality products and good craftsmanship, to complete the work and to avoid any defects for a period of ten years. But what if the products used show defects or have been misused? A specialised inspection can prevent many of these problems. However, ten years is a long period and the contractor often no longer exists when damage occurs. The guarantee insurance offers an excellent solution for this with the inspection and long guarantee period. It is also a good addition to the Ten-Year policy, which is often not suitable for a number of works because it does not involve stability-technical works.


Who is the policyholder and who is insured?

  • Policyholder: client, association of co-owners, building manager, contractor, supplier/manufacturer of systems/products used
  • Insured: the building contractors
  • Beneficiary: owner of the building

What is insured?

If different techniques are applied together, they can be insured under the same policy. The guarantee insurance compensates the cost of repairing the damaged parts if well-defined defects occur. The insurance can be taken out for the following applications, supplemented by frequent insured defects:

  • coating on concrete or steel structures (e.g. flaking of paint)
  • waterproofing systems (e.g. roofing which is not waterproof)
  • facade plastering systems, with and without insulation (e.g. loosening and cracking of plaster)
  • concrete repair
  • industrial floors

For which period are you insured?

A term of 5 to 10 years.

How is the technical inspection conducted?

In view of the long guarantee period without the possibility to cancel the policy, the policy shall always require an inspection upon completion of works by an official and specialised inspection agency. This also provides the client with extra certainty about the quality of the works and the products used (which must always have official quality marks: ATG, ETA...). The policyholder pays the costs of this inspection.


For the acceptance of risks and the underwriting of policies, Protect has entered into a cooperation agreement with the agency EURACOR.