What do we do?



In essence, Protect is the specialist and market leader in professional liability insurance for designers across Belgium and Luxembourg.

Protect wants to extend its professional liability offer to practitioners of other liberal and intellectual professions. Its second business line is technical insurance policies, where Protect mainly stands out as a specialist in Contractors All Risks insurance, Decennial Insurance in Belgium and France, machinery breakdowns and guarantee insurance for SMEs and the construction sector.

Protect = quality and sustainability for a long-term relationship

Protect can count on a dynamic team of 45 highly educated people, half of whom engineers and legal specialists, who focus on what we excel at, i.e. professional liability and construction damage.

Protect has its own knowledge library of case law and detailed information about more than 6500 claim files from the past 20 years. 

As our staff know the construction sector inside out, they do not only provide our policyholders with accurate advice swiftly but are also in a position to anticipate any new needs that may arise.


Protect = personal and professional

Commitment and personal availability and contactability are part of our mission, not just some catchy slogans. 

Protect stands for a proactive and concerted approach to claims and prevention and firmly believes that this is the only way to ensure that everyone's risks can be contained. Our offer of qualitative products, tailored to the individual needs of our clients, furthermore ties in with our long-term philosophy.

Protect = continuous support and protection

Protect is so much more than just an insurer.

In terms of support, Protect delivers unparalleled added value because it is the only insurance company in Belgium to offer its clients, aside from specific tailor-made insurance products, an extra qualitative spectrum of services.

This complimentary services package a.o. includes:

  • On-going legal assistance by our in-house legal department
  • Information evenings, lectures and discussion panels: click here to consult our agenda
  • A quarterly Protect bulletin and e-bulletin: click here to consult our bulletins and e-bulletins
  • A continuously updated private ‘My Account’ section on our website with sample documents, examples of contracts and clauses, the facility to upload insurance certificates and annual returns...