Support for Niche - young Belgian architecture

Protect has supported the Bozar Niche project - a showcase for young Belgian architecture


For about 3 years, Protect has supported the NICHE series at the BOZAR in Brussels. Meanwhile, this initiative has been put on hold.

NICHE was a series of micro exhibitions and lectures, organized by the BOZAR ARCHITECTURE Department, which put the young generation of promising Belgian architects in the spotlight. As projects go, we couldn't have hoped to find a better match for the Protect vision and mission, i.e. the desire to protect and support designers.

Every year, the NICHE jury selected some five young architect firms, on the basis of a remarkable achievement. The architects in question were then given the opportunity to give a lecture and to present their project in scale-model format. The scale models of the five architect bureaus combined culminated in a mini exhibition, which was hosted in the corridors around the Henry le Bœuf Hall at the BOZAR- Centre for Fine Arts.

cover Niche Bulk Architecten 2010               cover Niche NoA Architecten 2010               cover Niche B612 Associates 2011