Environmental awareness

Mindful of the environment, Protect has implemented a number of energy-saving measures.

To help reduce the paper mountain, Protect has been working paperless since June 2012.

Furthermore, we actively encourage our policyholders and brokers to increasingly work with us by e-mail.

Via the private ‘My Account’ section on the Protect website, our policyholders already have the facility to:

  • download their insurance certificates
  • digitally complete their annual construction site and fee report.

At that, many of our communications are sent digitally, such as: 

  • reminders regarding outstanding premiums and non-submitted reports are sent by e-mail
  • general policy conditions, ... are available on the website
  • expiry-date notices can be consulted via Zoomit

When it comes to choosing a company vehicle, a number of stringent criteria have been imposed.