Mission statement

Protect wants to be the No. 1 provider of personal and professional support and protection for the intellectual, liberal and service professions, with a special affinity for professional, construction and technical insurance. 



It is Protect's ambition to fully integrate Solvency II, to record positive results every year and to follow market growth with adequate profitability.    




Quality and sustainability for a long-term relationship

Our dynamic team of 45 highly educated people, half of whom engineers and legal specialists, focuses on what we do best, i.e. professional liability insurance and construction damage management.

As a family-owned and independent SME, a unique feat among insurance companies, we strive for sustainability and long-term relationships.

Innovation and a fair price for excellent quality, commitment and availability is not a hollow slogan but an intrinsic element of our mission.


On-going innovation

As you can tell from the soundness of our policies and the personal service you receive from your insurance advisor, Protect delivers quality at every level.

Our years of experience in your sector, combined with an in-depth knowledge of the finesses of the insurance industry, makes Protect the ideal partner for any professional keen to secure his future.

At that, Protect offers you additional support and protection:

  • Prevention via our in-house legal department
  • Proactive action by internal experts when you are faced with an impending claim
  • Insofar as possible, we always try to come to an amicable arrangement between all the parties when a claim does arise.


Service and client friendliness

Protect never provides you with anything less than the most comprehensive of information.
Thanks to our years of expertise in construction-related issues and by means of personal account management, an up-to-date website, information sessions and a quarterly bulletin, we continuously keep you abreast of the latest developments in your field.

As a specialist insurance company, we are devoted to your interests. Via publications, awareness campaigns, lectures and discussion panels we try to implement amendments and changes in the interest of our policyholders: our initiatives with regard to the reduction in judicial interests, our collaboration in the creation of the Laruelle Law and the recognition of court-appointed experts speak for themselves. We also actively promote the idea of compulsory insurance for all construction partners.

Sample contracts, clauses, certificates and questionnaires can all be downloaded via our website's private ‘My Account’ section.
The only requirements to access this information are that you are a client and have a password, which we are happy to provide you with.

The fact that we know the environment you operate in like the back of our hand allows us to swiftly meet any new needs that may arise.