Quality and sustainability for a long-term relationship

Our dynamic team of 45 highly-skilled employees, half of whom are engineers and lawyers, is focused on the things we do well, i.e. professional liability and managing building damage.

As a family business and independent SME, which is quite unique in the insurance industry, we strive for sustainability and a long-term relationship.

Innovation and the right price for good quality are part of our mission and are not idle words, neither are our commitment and accessibility.

Permanent innovation

Protect offers you quality in all areas. You can see this based on the solidity of our policies, but also when it comes to the personal service of your insurance advisor.

Protect has many years of experience in your sector, linked to a thorough insurance technical know-how.

This is how we build your security together with you.

In addition, Protect offers you additional support and protection by:

  • prevention through its own legal advice team.
  • proactive action by internal experts in the event of imminent damage
  • in the claims handling we strive as much as possible for an amicable settlement between the parties.

Service and customer-friendliness

Protect offers you very accurate and complete information.
Thanks to years of familiarity with construction problems, personal account management, an up-to-date website, information sessions and a quarterly newsletter, we keep you permanently informed of the latest developments in your field.

As a specialised insurer we also defend your interests.
Through publications, awareness-raising campaigns, lectures and discussion panels, we try to make adjustments and changes in the interests of our insured parties: our initiatives concerning the reduction of legal interests, our cooperation in the creation of the Laruelle Act and the recognition of legal experts speak for themselves. We also actively promote a general mandatory insurance for all construction partners.

Examples of contracts, clauses, certificates and questionnaires can be downloaded from the private section of our website.
All you need to do is be a customer and have a password, which we will be happy to provide.